§1 General

1. Every team member reserves the right to change any content on the server at any time and without prior announcement! This includes changing the server rules!

2. The server administrators are not obliged to justify their acts to users.

3. Advertising for other “community“ servers, in whatever form, requires the explicit permission of the server administrators.

4. If you don’t respect other people, then you’re not welcome here.

5. Voice changers or similar software won’t be tolerated.

6. Thou shall not beg for rights.

7. Using Proxies & VPN‘s to circumvent bans is forbidden.

8. Membership only for mic-owners, after 3 days.

§2 Avatars, Channel Names and Nicknames

1. As a general rule, avatars, channel names and nicknames must not consist of any offensive, porn, obscene, racist or similar content.

2. Avatars, channel names and nicknames used for advertising purposes, negative comments, provocative allusions or similar things are not permitted on the TeamSpeak server.

3. Placeholders in the “Temp. Channel Area” are prohibited.

4. Constant nickname changes are not welcome.

5. The use of all codes that begin with [4ME-], shall not be used. Team members have clarity for all users to more easily find these shortcuts, team members. Even the copy or represent as a team member without authorization is forbidden!

§3 Chat / Conversation

1. Verbal offenses are strictly forbidden. This covers, among other things, insults and swearing.

2. Any racist, right-wing extremist and sexually questionable remarks are not admissible and will in no case be tolerated.

3. All forms of disturbances are forbidden. This includes, for example, noises, spam via messages or inappropriate volume when communicating.

4. If any noise or feedback occur, only “Push To Talk” will be allowed.

5. Advertisements for other servers, websites, forums or radios, in whatever form, with the exception of partner sites, require the explicit permission of the server administration.

6. Any statements against any country, gender, religion and forbidden!

§4 Recordings

1. Recordings in the upper public area are not allowed without the approval of the administration or the concerned user.

2. If a separate channel has been created (possibly password protected), recordings are permitted.

3. If other users don’t agree with recordings in the private channel, recordings are prohibited.

§5 Other

1. We do not disclose our user’s IP addresses to any unauthorized persons.

2. Private information about members, members videos or member’s photos will not be disseminated or distributed.

3. If you have any questions, problems or other matters concerning the server, please turn to one of our administrators.

If getting an answer takes a bit longer, please keep in mind that you might not be the only user who needs our help.

Look in the description from the Info-Channel for more ways to contact us.

§6 Compliance with the rules

From the moment of the connection to the TeamSpeak server, these rules form the basis for any action or conduct!

In the case of failure to comply with these rules, every team member has the right to issue a warning, to kick out, to ban or to register an IP ban.


Another obligation is to follow the instructions of the team!
Any violation of one of these rules can lead to being kicked out or banned.

We wish you a lot of fun on the 4MusicElements-TeamSpeak!
The 4ME-Team!

Look for upcoming changes!